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brad The Bradpack Foundation was founded after its namesake Bradley passed away while waiting for a heart and kidney. The name is a blending of who and what Bradley evolved into. Bradley had a PICC line towards the end which administered medicine directly to his heart via IV line from a mechanical device which was housed in his backpack. Even in the hospital hooked up to heart machines, he would either wear his emptied backpack or keep an eye on it at all times as it truly became a part of him. Bradley endeavored to live life to the fullest and we as participants got to learn how each new day is truly a gift.

From joining the Bowling team and doing quite well and earning the affectionate nickname of the “Backpack Bowler” and then simply “Backpack Brad”. Brad went to prom on a fire truck, finished his high school papers and exams while hooked up to life support systems. He even had a formal graduation with faculty and staff of Grapevine High School in attendance in his hospital bed and through sheer will walked with his graduating class. Bradley loved life and always wanted to push the envelope and had a personality as big as Texas.

Brad was a heart recipient at the age of 4 and around the house; we always referred to it as the “borrowed” heart as we always viewed organs (with proper matching) as gifts between caring individuals. When Brad learned that one person could potentially donate 40 plus tissues and organs, he knew that he would love to let someone “borrow” whatever they could harvest from him when his time came.

Bradley did keep his promise and upon passing, his eyes and corneas gave the gift of sight to two individuals who had previously only seen darkness.

The Bradpack Foundation is a non-profit entity that is focused on organ donation. The U.S trails the world in organ donation. Excuses can be religious reasons (which there are no religions that frown upon it) or not wanting to think about mortality, or whatever other selfish reason people can justify for not being a donor. More times than not, perfectly good organs that could positively impact numerous person’s lives are needlessly wasted since donation info was not filled out. Understand that someday your selfish reasons for not becoming a donor may prevent you from receiving an organ YOU need as a perfect match also choose to be selfish and not register.

We believe that Brad is a greeter at the Pearly gates making new souls feel very relaxed and doing magic tricks and telling jokes all the while wearing his backpack. We love you, miss you and look forward to reuniting when it is our time.

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BradPack P.O. Box 539 Collyville TX 76034